When you think of stag do’s, what cities pop to your mind? Is it Amsterdam, Hamburg or London maybe? Or do you think of warmer urban hotspots like Valencia, Lisbon, or Barcelona? Although these cities are well worth the visit, the real unbridled festive spirit cannot be found in the western parts of the old continent. Eastern Europe is now teeming with up and coming stag do destinations that offer equal entertainment standards but at incredibly affordable prices. If you want to celebrate your final days of bachelordom like a king but don’t know where exactly to point a pin on your travel map, here are 4 amazing stag do capitals of Eastern Europe that will get your money’s worth – and then some!


This eclectic city is where the East and the North meet to party. The jewel of the Baltic brings all the stags to the yard with its abundance of stag do activities and buzzing nightlife. Riga gives bachelors a chance to shoot from a Soviet-made AK-47, take a speedy bobsleigh ride with his crew, or experience a free fall to really get that adrenaline pumping. And when the night falls, the capital of Latvia turns into a bustling European playground that brilliantly molds drinking culture and tourist exploration into one unique experience. Book a guided pub crawl and discover the spectacular Art Nouveau old town where all the nighttime magic happens. And when it is time to cure that hangover, make sure to delve a little deeper into the local cuisine to restore yourself back to your 100%.


After decades of one of the most severe communist regimes, the capital of Romania has really come a long way as an Eastern European tourist hotspot. Bucharest is now a hub of culture, entertainment, and leisure, which will surely bring something new to the table with each nocturnal escapade. The clubbing scene of this city is unprecedented, boasting a multitude of hip and urban nightclubs and bars that literally raise the party standards to a whole new level. Finally, no stag do adventure is complete without an attraction to remedy all that vice and Bucharest Therme is the perfect place to rest, unwind, and recover yourself before heading back home to tie the knot.  


If you want to immerse yourself in high-class culture, Budapest is the place to be! Even though this city is known for it’s party fever, you simply cannot avoid marveling at all of the urban architectural splendor it has to offer. And you know what? Budapest alone actually makes more money from tourism than the rest of the nation’s cities combined. That means everything is adapted to suit your bachelor needs so you can have a once in a lifetime experience, no matter if you prefer sightseeing more or getting hammered with your entourage like royalty. Explore the pubs, clubs, and concert venues for some good old stag do fun – and when it is time to rejuvenate your body, Budapest boasts numerous thermal spa wellness centers that predate the Roman times.


Last but not least is the party capital of Poland that attracts students, artists, and stags like a magnet thanks to its imposing architecture and festive vibes. Note that Slavic folks really know how to party, so expect some over-the-top drinking sessions and escapades that last until morning light. And when it is time to explore the tourist hotspots, Krakow boasts a myriad of glorious structures, including the Barbican, Wawel Castle, Market Square, and the Old Town. Hospitality is of top priority to Polish people so expect to be treated like kings the moment you reach this amazing Easter European stag do destination.

If these urban destinations seem like they are a bit “off the grid”, that just means you never gave them a chance to change your mind. There is so much more to Eastern Europe than meets the eye, especially if you plan on celebrating your final single days. It isn’t a proper stag do getaway without an adventure into the unknown to get out of your comfort zone so get cracking. The payoff is huge!

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