Finding the perfect gift for someone you love can be a tricky business. You want something unique that speaks volumes about your relationship and how much you cherish your partner, right? Well, a new category of gifts has recently emerged that may be exactly what you need to wow your partner and show some love.

Biology gifts are crafted items that integrate nature to create one of a kind presents. They are often handmade or bought from an artisan. There is no end to the types of gifts that come from nature, but let’s explore beeswax gifts, gifts from the sea, gifts created from the discards of insects and animals and wooden gifts.


Gifts Made from Insect or Animal Discards

While it may not sound pleasant at first, animals and insects often leave behind things that can be used in gift making. A shredded antler makes a beautiful jewelry hanger. Bones removed in the taxidermy process are used to design unique pieces of jewelry. Or if you ask Scünci Hair Accessories, accumulated animal hair can be used to make fashionable accessories and clothing details, like scarfs, gloves, and slippers.

A dragonfly wing coated in resin makes a beautiful necklace or charm, as does a butterfly that has died. Insects are used in resin for many statement pieces but know your audience before you gift that to someone, as not everyone appreciates looking at bugs.

Even the discarded quills of a porcupine can be used to make interesting dangle earrings that are sure to spark a conversation.

Beeswax Gifts

Beeswax has been used to create all kinds of candles for many years, but candles are not the only gift that can be made from beeswax. Scented bars that can hang in your closet or kitchen can be made using beeswax with flowers or essential oils. The dried flowers can sit just under the surface of the wax for a beautiful natural appearance.

Food wraps are an eco-friendly gift made using muslin fabric and beeswax. They replace saran wrap and easily cling to the sides of your bowls and containers.

Gifts from the Sea


Pearls and shells have been used to create beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry throughout time, and they are still used as gifts from nature today. Large shells can make a nice ornament for your mantle as well. Another use for seashells and sea glass is to make windchimes for your deck or porch.

Sand can be stored in a tiny vial and used in jewelry. It can be used to create types of clay and for a sand garden with a tiny rake on a desk.

Driftwood has been used to make beautiful pieces of home décor for many years, and it can work as a stand-alone piece of art in some circumstances.

Wooden Gifts

Ideas for wooden gifts are limitless! However, a few that stood out for me, such as pencils made from branches and twigs, jewelry designed using tiny sticks and moss to look like grass, and picture holders designed from thick twigs with a slot carved out for the picture to fit inside.

You can also hollow out part of a small trunk or large branch to make a place for a tea light or hollow it completely to use as a vase. Succulents can be planted inside one of these as well.

Large branches can be sliced into discs and used as coasted, and that can even go one step further and have a butterfly or flower placed on the disc before covering it in resin.


These biology gifts made from nature can vary from beautiful to strange, but they will always be unique and send a message of love to the person on the receiving end.

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