We believe love is one of the most profound yet also most complex emotions known to human beings. But even though there are many kinds of love to experience, people usually associate the word with romantic relationships. Being able to devote your time, energy, care, and affection to that one special person is considered the most meaningful and fulfilling aspect of life – and at RomanticRelationships, we are here to explore what that noble deed entails.
Us humans are social creatures by nature and our health depends on our ability to form healthy, loving relationships. Even as infants, we have this innate need to connect and form bonds with people around us. The earliest memories with a caregiver who reliably provides food, warmth, protection, stimulation, and social exposure have a direct influence on our own skills to form and maintain interpersonal connections.
Incidentally, failed relationships occur for a multitude of reasons and can be a tremendous source of psychosomatic distress. Nobody likes when things unexpectedly turn for the worst or when all efforts go down the drain. What is important, however, is that “relating” is a skill. It can be learned, restored, and upgraded with each proactive encounter.

Love is a doing verb

Finding a partner to share a life with cannot be explained with words because, in essence, love is a doing verb. Yet still, it is also a long-term process and a finicky one at that. It is a jungle out there and journeying into unfamiliar settings to encounter potential partners takes wits and guts. Some people to it effortlessly while others fail miserably. Or at least they all believe they do. Dating, meetings in advance, unintentional encounters, lightning strikes… these are all scenarios where we test our judgment to find depth and connection. But we all have different starting points and finding middle ground is what relationships are all about.
We are here to explore, analyze, and challenge those scenarios with you and discuss what happens psychologically inside the human mind. If you feel you have wisdom or experience to share, we invite you to join our online literary ranks and contribute to our website as well. The topical sections are:

  • Health, where we discuss about mental hygiene, the psychophysical effects of both benign and malign relationships, and the medical science behind human relationships.
  • Lifestyle, where we delve deep on matters regarding social customs, sexual practices, rooted habits, support systems, current trends, and relationship philosophies.
  • Relationships, where we give out relationship tips and share our personal experiences to shed more light on this complex topic.
  • Weddings, where we explore the perks of tying the knot, types of marital unions, planning tips, stag and hen do escapades, dealing with divorces, and other troubles in paradise.

Discover what it takes to be better at relationships

From falling in love where temporary infatuation can even blind us from the rest of the world to successful marriages, which transform love into respect, each journey takes constant effort in order to be fruitful. And a lot of people fear many aspects of that process. Whether it is fear of rejection, commitment, lack of control, conflict, anxiety, or just plain laziness, us humans also have bugs in our software, which prevent us from reaching full bloom.
But vulnerability is power and learning from mistakes is what helps us grow. That is why we are here to help people learn that being good at relationships starts from a place of self-love! Our digital world is also your world. Feel free to open a discussion and share your experiences.
Welcome to RomanticRelationships! Everybody say love!